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Wyoming Army National Guard

Find your next Adventure with the Wyoming Army National Guard   Honor is our Tradition
About Us

About Us

The 67th Army Band is comprised of citizen soldiers from Wyoming, Colorado and several other states and has the unique distinction of being the only military band located in the state of Wyoming.  We all meet one weekend every month and also for additional periods of active duty. 

Every year the 67th Army Band performs in dozens of musical performances supporting a wide range of events including fairs, festivals, parades, and other civic events in addition to a variety of military events and ceremonies.

Ride for the Band

Musical Performance Teams

In addition to our main Concert and Marching formations the 67th Army Band can also support several smaller ensembles capable of performing selections from a variety of musical genres 

High Speed Winds

Brass Quintet

Big Band

Protocol Combo

Performances and Events

Apr 3, 2023 Concert Band at Laramie HS 800a-900a

Apr 5, 2023 Concert Band at Sheridan HS (Band) 900a-1000a

Apr 5, 2023 Concert Band at Sheridan HS (Choir) 230p-330p

May 12, 2023 HIgh Speed Winds at Veteran's UW Gradulation

May 13, 2023 High Speed Winds at ROTC Commissing Ceremony

Jun10, 2023 Marching Band at Governor's Day, Camp Guernsey 1000a

MISSION: Provide ready and professional personnel and formations capable of winning in the battlespace, enabling competition across multiple domains, saving lives, alleviating suffering, and protecting property in support of civilian authority whenever the Governor or President may designate.

VISION: The Wyoming National Guard will serve as the Sword and Shield for our state and nation. As the Sword, we will project lethal force capable of winning on the battlefield. As the Shield, the Joint Force will be responsive and effective in safeguarding our residents and fellow citizens.

"The Sword and the Shield"

42R - Army Musician

MOS 42R Musician

MOS 42R Musician

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All Army jobs have an MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) code assigned to them. For musicians this is 42R. There are many ways to serve as an Army Musician. Brass, Winds, Strings, Percussion, and more.

Immediate promotions available for any transferring soldiers who have the required NCOES (BLC/ALC/SLC) or who are willing to attend, and TIS, TIG, etc. E5, E6 and E7 slots currently open. Travel reimbursement program currently in effect will pay up to $500 for travel expenses to and from IDT every month.

New enlistments can be eligible for bonus of up to $20K and student loan repayment up to $50K plus State or Federal Tuition Waiver, Credentialing assistance and more. Split Option available for High School or College students allows training to be split into 2 sections over two summers to avoid missing classes.

Be part of a winning team, enhance your musical proficiency and develop leadership skills.

SFC Rich Cole

Readiness NCO

67th Army Band

1257 Cole Street

Wheatland, WY 82201

307.322.3052 ext. 4421

970.433.2313 cell

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